Most Bet on Running Marathons

Marathons and other running events have long been in the interest of many gamblers wanting to explore the sport as a way of betting on their favourite runners. Betting on running marathons and events has only recently been made possible and stands as an entertaining sport to bet on.

These are some of the most bet on running marathons and running events in the world which can be bet on using a safe and secure site with a dedicated passion for sports betting.

Paris Marathon

The Paris Marathon is an annual running race hosted by the city of Paris in France. Behind the New York Marathon, this race provides the most finish ratio. The first Paris Marathon was hosted in 1896 and drew 191 participants to take part in the race. Today more than 50 000 runners take part in the race, which makes it one of the most highly attended and watched running tournaments to bet on.

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc

This ultramarathon was established in 2003 and stood as a single-stage mountain marathon only for the brave. The running route follows the Tour du Mont Blanc hiking path, which usually takes hikers up to nine days to complete. This event is one of the most thrilling and exciting marathons to bet on as it poses a completely different difficulty level than the usual marathons people are used to.

The Big Five Marathon

The Big Five Marathon is held in South Africa each year during June and runs through the Entabeni private game reserve in the Limpopo Province. Betting on this marathon is not easy; some great runners might be a bit frightened running through a wildlife reserve.

These marathons are not only among the most popular with athletes but are among the top marathons and running events to bet on.