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Due to the importance of keeping running popular among the Northamptonshire community members, we strive to keep them motivated and interested with advice and fun articles about running. All of our writers are dedicated to informing our readers on the most important information regarding running in Northamptonshire.

About Silson Joggers

Silson Joggers are among the most reliable and reputable news sources for running and marathons in Northamptonshire and strives to keep all runners up to date on all upcoming running events to take part in or be spectators of. Due to this reason, we only look for writers with the same reputable nature of released g work that is factual.

We are a team of blog writers with a passion for all things running and fitness and try to keep the Northamptonshire running scene alive and well.

If you are experienced with writing reliable and newsworthy articles on running, then Silson Joggers might just be looking for your expertise.

Writer Requirements

All possible candidates will need to have experience in previous writing about fitness or running in the UK and be able to prove their success with their writings. As we are a blog that only releases factual and informative articles with details that are not false, all candidates need to go through a written exam to show how their research skills and personal knowledge reflect in their work.

How to Get Involved

If you believe you’ve got what it takes to keep the public informed on running clubs, events, and more happening in Northamptonshire, then contact us on our contact page for more details on how to get involved with Silson Joggers Blog and write informative articles on running clubs and events.

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