Running Blogs

Being passionate about running is easy, but staying up to date on the hundreds of clubs, running activities, and events happening throughout the UK is not that easy. These blogs will help you stay up to date on all the latest running news.

Women’s Running Magazine –

The Women’s Running Magazine was established in 2010 and released up to 4 articles each week on running. The magazine focus on running training advice for 5k and 10 k runs as well as marathons and female runner kit reviews. For reliable information regarding women’s running gear and news, visit Women’s Running Magazine frequently.

Parkrun UK Blog –

Parkrun UK Blog is a new blog established in 2018 and posts up to 5 articles each week on running. Not only is Parkrun a blog but a team of runners who organise runs. The blog provides information on 5k and 2k running events, walking, jogging, and even running or volunteering. Stay up to date on Parkrun activities on this blog. running

The 5K Runner –

The 5k Runner Blog was established in 2010 and provided vital information on all things running. The blog is run by three runners who have expertise in multi-sports training. They provide information on all things running, including technology in sports, tips on running, devices, regimes, and even how to improve running speed.

The PhD Runner –

The PhD Runner Blog is based in Marylebone, England and is run by Emma Neachell, who is a dedicated runner. The blogger writes about running, fitness, food, and the trials and tribulations of life, as well as the importance of keeping an active lifestyle with running.

Pickupthepacepaul –

Pickupthepacepaul is a running blog established in London. The blog is all about running, pacing, and motivating other runners. The blog strives to give only the best informative advice on running events and marathons as well as how to keep pace.

Follow these blogs to stay up to date on all running activities and gear in the UK. If you are a blog writer, see if you can get involved with Silson Joggers Blog.