Upcoming Northamptonshire Running Events

Joining a running club provides you with many chances to visit popular and exciting marathons and races in Northamptonshire. These events are focused on charity fundraising as well as just for the thrilling experience of challenging one another through running.

These are among the most popular running events in Northamptonshire.

Northampton Half Marathon – 25 September

The Northampton Half Marathon is one of the most well-known and popular marathons in Northamptonshire, being over 13 miles in road running length. The popularity of the race is not only due to the racing and for running clubs to come together but also about the town’s heritage.

The event starts at the Guildhall, and then the race heads towards the countryside for a scenic country-run marathon. The finish is located in the car park of the Delapre Abbey centre.

Hedgehog Challenge – 7 July

The Hedgehog Challenge is not for the faint of heart. This is a race that will test your abilities as a runner and give you the motivation needed to push yourself further. The event includes a 6-hour train running session. Although you can challenge yourself for the full 6 hours, you can also take it slow, making it a low-pressure event which can be used for your own abilities and goals.

Conquer the Castle – 23 July

Conquer the Castle is a 6-hour multi-terrain running marathon taking place in Rockingham, Northamptonshire. The run takes place through the stunning scenic grounds of Rockingham Castle in Corby and includes the runners needing to get as many 5k runs into a 6-hour period as possible. The race is also focused on charity fundraising for the Motor Neurone Disease Association of Northampton. Spectators are welcome to come and support the charity as well as the runners.

Charity Trail Run and Fun Run – 10 July

This wonderful charity event is for both beginner and more advanced runners. Open to all ages and having two routes heading through the countryside, this charity run will prove to become one of the most popular running events in Northamptonshire for those who want to have a fun and thrilling experience through the countryside while also making a change to those who need support. The most popular running clubs are usually present at this race, making it well-known to local runners.

Join any of the events on this list for a great experience in running for great causes and getting to know other running clubs as well as runners.