Advice for Betting on Running Events

Betting on running marathons and events can be extremely thrilling and competitive among sports bettors. If you are a fan of marathons and running but have not yet indulged in the fun and thrilling entertainment that sports betting is, we’ve got you covered.

These are the 3 most used bets with running, and choosing any of these bets will give you an easy start in sports betting.

Top 3

A top 3 bet is when you bet on who the top 3 finishing runners will be in a marathon or race. This is much easier to win than an outright bet as you have 3 chances of actually getting something. As you don’t have to bet on who will be taking which spot in the top 3, you can rely on your instinct as well as the factual history of breaking records.

Win Outright

A win outright bet is one of the easiest bets in the running but is also quite risky as you are betting on a person for the entire marathon. The risk also comes with its own perks, as you would win quite a sum if your bet is right. Extensive research needs to be done into betting on an outright win as your athlete needs to have some record of previous wins or close wins.


This is probably the most competitive way to bet on running. By choosing to go head-to-head, you will need to choose which one of your two athletes will finish higher. If your bet runs out to be correct, you win the bet.

There are many different aspects to betting on running marathons and events, but these types of bets will help anybody with a passion for running to start betting in no time. If you are new to sports betting, visit BetTarget for the ultimate sports betting action on mobile devices.